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Natural Stone Pavers

Natural Paving Stones now becomes a natural choice for internal and external paving requirements. The advent of technologies has improved quarrying, transit, shipping, cutting, and finishing of natural stones up to your imaginative level. World of Stones in the USA is a perfect destination where you can find ethically sourced and high quality natural stones prepared by mingling the advanced tools & technologies, sophisticated skills, and prolonged experiences.

World of Stones is a leading Natural Paving Stones Supplier, fabricator, importer & exporter. You will find millions of square feet inventory, ultramodern distribution, and delivery network to offer myriads of options for types of stones, colors, styles, patterns, textures, and finishing.

Our natural stones are suitable for internal flooring as well as external applications such as backyard patios, treads, garden stepping, pier caps, copings, sills, and driveway flooring.

GeoCeramica Porcelain Paving

For a contemporary patio and driveway paving, there is no better solution than GeoCeramica. Stunning aesthetics, minimal maintenance and straightforward installation are some of the benefits offered by the product.

GeoCeramica® combines the strength of concrete and the durability of porcelain. High quality porcelain tiles are permanently and inseparably bonded to a newly developed Stabikorn® concrete slab. Each ready bonded paving slab also contains spacer nibs on all four sides to assist with accurate spacing during installation.

With GeoCeramica, you are choosing a paving product that will give you an elegant, striking new patio offering excellent aesthetics and low maintenance for years to come. GeoCeramica’s high end porcelain surface offers the benefits of Easy cleaning – Scratch Resistance – Stain resistance – Resistance to moss and other algae growth – colorfast. At the same time, the concrete Stabikorn® base offers enhanced drainage solution and can be fitted using low-cost traditional means of installation. Check out now the amazing collection from World of Stones USA.

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CeraPave Porcelain Paving

Get sophisticated outdoor paving elegance & bring natural stone-like strength & beauty with our CeraPave® porcelain paving collection. CeraPave® is a versatile and cost-effective porcelain solution for outdoor paving applications including patios, decks, terraces, façade etc.

CeraPave® simulates the look-n-feel of any construction material, be it wood, natural stone, concrete or even leather. CeraPave® porcelain pavers offer a safe & durable surface where your kids can easily play on, be it your backyard patio or the area around your swimming pool. It’s surface hardness and low absorption rate give it excellent scratch and stain resistant properties.

CeraPave® porcelain outdoor paving being weatherproof enables you to have year-round accessibility to your outdoor utility spaces come snow, rain or shine. CeraPave® paving is becoming a favorite amongst contractors & masons as well. They appreciate the advantages porcelain pavers offer, such as…ease of installation of new and replacement patios as well as its low maintenance.

Check out the wide range of CeraPave® offerings and buy porcelain pavers from World of Stones USA.