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Natural Stone Treads

Natural stone stair treads from World of Stones USA give you a comprehensive choice of stone treads available in six different colors with different textures and variety of sizes. The anti-slip properties make walking on these stair treads a comfortable and safe experience. Durability and weather-resistant properties adds to the quality and longevity of the stone stair treads.

Stone treads come in variety of sizes, colors, and shapes that cater to all customer expectations. Fissures, along with grains and veins on the natural stone treads gives a naturally elegant look that stands out in comparison to other materials. We have crafted our collection carefully by using the latest stone cutting, finishing and surface crafting technologies.

Don’t wait and check out our amazing collection of stone stair treads.

Natural Stone Steps

Are you looking to replace worn-out steps or construct new steps for your property? Using natural stone steps can reliably create a more inviting entry, giving your building the touch of elegance and uniqueness.

Shot-blasted, natural surface finish and various advanced edge profiles enhance the overall look of the stone step slabs. The excellent texture adds to the overall aesthetics of the patio steps in your outdoor landscape design. Our stone step slabs are slip-resistant, weatherproof and durable.

World of Stones USA is the best place to buy natural stone steps of superior quality at an affordable rate. So, don’t wait and check out the collection now.

Pier Caps
When you need to finish off walls that have a separate or raised pillar at the end, you can trust natural stone pier caps from our inventory to fill that void. Our pier caps are also powerful visual elements, even if you still wish to add more decorative features such as a ball finial. You can count on us to deliver sturdy and durable pier caps to suit most pier sizes, while also offering a variety of natural stone shades and designs.
Window Sills

Homeowners are usually caught up with making a choice on which type of window finishing would be ideal for their project. However, most of our clients who settled for natural stone window sills often discover that it is the perfect match because it is attractive, durable, and functional with any decor style you choose.

Exterior Window Sill

An exterior window sill is essential to prevent daft and moist from getting into the room and also provides a shelf for placing potted plants and other decorations. Using natural stones for window sills combines the long-lasting nature of the piece with your desired decor style to augment the beauty of the entire structure. 

Interior Window Sill

Beyond providing the ultimate protection for where a window attaches a wall, the use of natural stones for an interior window sill allows matching with contrasting hues and provides homeowners with a useful shelf or somewhere to sit while meditating. You can add an extra glow to my exploring interior window sill decoration ideas to give your home the perfect look.

Pool Coping Pavers

When it comes to in-ground swimming pool coping, our natural stone pavers are an aesthetically pleasing option. Beyond adding a polished edge to the pool structure, the use of natural stones means it can effectively serve the primary purpose of hindering the flow of splashed out water back into the pool.

Sturdy and durable natural stones also seal off the pool shell along its edges. Thus, you have a decorative feature that will greatly enhance the visual appeal of your swimming pool. You can even create seamless matching with pool deck stones or highlight it by choosing contrasting hues.

Stepping Stones

Walking outside of your home or office is an exciting and fun experience, particularly when you have to place steps on natural stepping stones. Whether you are barefoot in your garden or moving towards a patio in your lustrous landscape, our Natural Garden Stepping Stones exert an eye-soothing experience. 

Natural beauty, freedom to choose your path design, and aesthetic appeal are some characteristics of our natural stepping stones of various types, shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Castle Grey & Sunset Buff are our trendy products, and landscape contractors across the U.S. highly prefer both products today whenever they are looking for stepping stones from natural rocks. Be it green pasture, dry (grass-less) backyard, or gravel filled landscape, our natural stepping stones are beautifully befitting into it. Let’s take a glimpse of both offerings at a glance.


Check out Fire Pits made of natural stones by World of Stones USA. A gathering with friends and family on a wintry evening at your outdoor patio can be a relaxing and comfortable experience with the warmth of the fire lit up in your natural stone fire pit.

We can assure you that our fire pits are long-lasting, durable and visually appealing. We use the best quality natural stones that can withstand the heat and remain intact even at the time of rains or snow. You can use any fuel including woods, charcoal, gas or electricity with required modifications in the bottom and by inserting additional components within the stone fire pits.

Don’t wait and buy stone firepits online in two amazing colors by World of Stones USA.

Tumbled Pavers

Tumbled Pavers have an evergreen look which is elegant and ranks aesthetically high with homeowners and contractors. Tumbled pavers are natural stone pavers, which have undergone tumbled finish treatment and have acquired anti-slip properties on the surface. Tumbling is a rigorous surface treatment process in the dimension stone industry. Only a few selected types of stone can withstand it, making them sturdy, durable and weather-resistant. The natural stones collection by World of Stones USA has exactly all the qualities mentioned herewith.

Tumbled block paving can be used on and around swimming pool decks, backyard flooring, garden patios, terraces, outdoor walkways & driveways.

So, check out now tumbled paving stones in two distinctive colors brought you by World of Stones USA.